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Rolls Royce Factory Flood Gate

Following the completion of a variety of different flood defence projects, Eadon Consulting have recently finished working on the design of several flood barriers on behalf of Rodgers Leask Ltd. Rodgers Leask were responsible for the design of a new manufacturing facility building for Rolls Royce Marine Power Operations Ltd, and reached out to Eadon because of their water control structure design capability.

Eadon were asked to design the flood barriers to protect the new nuclear manufacturing facility in Derby from a 1 in 1000 year flood risk. The barriers are made to protect against floodwater up to 1 metre high but with the option of extending this to 2 metres if necessary in the future.

The barriers, which vary in size are manually installed and are designed in two ranges. The smaller barriers range from 1m to 2.4m wide and are secured by heavy duty toggle clamps. The larger barriers vary from 4.5m to 6m wide and will remain permanently in place, operated by winches, and being held in position by latches when raised. Offering a very low leakage rate of 1 litre per hour per metre of seal both the smaller barrier, consisting of 500mm high panels and the larger barrier, made up of 1 piece, ensure that the nuclear facility will remain dry should a flooding event occur. Prior to a flood event 35 barriers have to be installed manually by two men in under 4 hours.

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    Rolls Royce
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    Rodgers Leask Ltd