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Naburn Lock Mechanisation

Naburn Lock is a listed site at the tidal limit of the River Ouse. The lock used to be manually operated, which during the height of the summer boating season was a very arduous task. The project involved mechanising the lock so it could be electrically operated using push button controls, whilst keeping the traditional appearance of the existing operating gear.

David Price designed all of the mechanical equipment for the lock mechanisation whilst working for Mandall Engineering Ltd, as well as project managing the mechanical, civil and electrical works on site.

For safety, the lock is controlled by a lock keeper. The lock gates are traditional timber mitre gates with sluice paddles installed in each leaf. Each gate leaf has two chain winches attached to it, one to pull the gate open and the other, on the opposite side of the lock, to close the gate. In order for the chains of the closing winches not to obstruct the path of the vessels, they come off the winches vertically down through a shaft and are diverted horizontally around rollers and out to the gate fixing.

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Key Facts
  • Location:
    Naburn, Near York