Engineering Design Consultants

Waterways & Marine Experience

The staff at Eadon Consulting have many years of experience working with water control structures such as mitre gates, sector gates, fish belly gates, radial gates, guillotine gates, and flap gates. They have worked for clients such as British Waterways, the Environment Agency, and Waterways Ireland..

Dalmuir Drop LockDalmuir Drop LockInnovative canal lock design to allow vessels to 'cross the road' More
Lydney Harbour Lock GatesLydney Harbour Lock GatesLock gates to allow entrance to the marina from River Severn More
Conwy Marina Cill Gate ReplacementConwy Marina Cill Gate ReplacementBallast water pumping system for replacement cill gate More
Dog in a Doublet Sluice InspectionDog in a Doublet Sluice InspectionA 70 year old sluice at the tidal limit of the River Nene More
Timber Flood GatesTimber Flood GatesDesign of a number of replacement timber flood gates More
Neath Canal Restoration Lock GatesNeath Canal Restoration Lock GatesDesign of six sets of traditional lock gates using modern materials More
Naburn Lock MechanisationNaburn Lock MechanisationMechanical equipment for lock mechanisation at tidal limit More
St Andrews Double Bascule BridgeSt Andrews Double Bascule BridgeNew aesthetically pleasing hydraulically actuated bridge More