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Dover Western Docks Revival

In 2017 work began on the Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR). The DWDR is a significant scheme aimed at creating greater space in the Eastern Dock for ferry traffic by relocating cargo terminal and kick starting the wider regeneration of Dover by creating new opportunities for shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. As part of the project Eadon Consulting were commissioned by Tony Gee and Partners (TGP) to support them in delivering a new bascule bridge and a set of lock gates for the new navigation access to Wellington Dock.

Eadon were asked to assist with the tender design for the bridge and lock gates. This involved providing the exemplar design and specification for the Mechanical, Hydraulic and Electrical packages for the bridge and the inner mitre gates for the lock. In addition to this Eadon provided the Structural, Mechanical, Hydraulic and Electrical tender design for the outer sector gates for the lock, which also form part of the flood defence for the area.

Eadon worked closely with Tony Gee regarding the bascule bridge design to optimise the geometry and counterweight arrangement, whilst providing a contemporary, slender looking feature for the surrounding area. The bridge is a 10m long, two lane, two cycleway, single leaf, Dutch style bascule bridge.

In order to allow access to Wellington Dock marina during varying states of tide, whilst maintaining the marina level upstream, a new lock was designed. The upstream, inner gates of the lock are a pair of steel mitre gates, 10m wide by 6m high. The exemplar design of gates was carried out by TGP, whilst the tender specification for the gates, operating, and control systems was produced by Eadon.

The downstream, outer gates of the lock are a pair vertical axis sector gates. Eadon carried out the complete exemplar design of the gates and their operating and control systems. The gates are 12m high and 10m wide, weighing approximately 50 tonnes per leaf. The sector gate design allows the gates to hold back water from either direction, and importantly, act as flood gates to protect the surrounding area holding back a 12m head of water in a 1 in 1000 year flood event.

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Key Facts
  • Location:
  • Client:
    Tony Gee and Partners
  • Working With:
    Port of Dover, VolkerStevin and Boskalis Westminster Joint Venture