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Shipboard Gantry Cranes

Eadon Consulting have completed a set of detailed design calculations for a series of gantry cranes being installed onboard a ship. The cranes are to be used for general maintenance operations and were required to operate offshore in both sea state 1 and 5-6 conditions. This meant that a reduced safe working load had to be determined for the larger sea conditions.

The calculations covered all aspects of the crane's structure including the main bridges beams as well as end carriage designs. The calculations took account of the different roll, heel and pitch angles the ship would operate in offshore and the various loading conditions this would create on the crane and its mechanism. The calculations were carried out to comply with the requirements of Lloyds Certification of Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment (CLAME) as well as using elements of BS2573:Rules for the design of cranes.

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