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Eadons Award Winning Bridges

Eadon Consulting and our engineers have been involved with a number of iconic and high profile bridges over the past decade. With this year’s engineering nomination season just around the corner, we sat down and took a look back at some of our most decorated bridges to date.


Merchant Square footbridge

Location: London

The recipient of 4 separate industry awards the Merchant Square footbridge has become an iconic London landmark and a symbol of the areas wider regeneration. Featuring in television filming and advertising, the bridge has also been the location of scenes shot for the 2016 blockbuster Jason Bourne.,-paddington/

Awards to date:

RIBA London Award

Civil Trust Award

Structural steel design Award

2016 Detail prize


Lower Hatea River Crossing

Location: New Zealand

This iconic bridge, built in New Zealand, has become one of the most globally recognised bridges of its kind. Receiving an array of commendations for its unusual and elegant design and workings, the bridge has also been presented with 3 highly regarded awards.

Awards to date:

Small Practices Structural Award

Civic Trust Award

Architizer A+ Award


Greenwich Reach Swing Bridge

Location: London

Officially opened in 2015 the Greenwich Reach Swing Bridge is an elegant, award winning bridge which delivers a valuable link to Deptford creek pedestrians and cyclists alike. Praised for its elegant and sleek appearance, the crossing was awarded the bridge Structural Award in 2015.

Awards to date:

2015 Structural Award.


Humber Bridge

Location: Kingston upon Hull

The Humber bridge ‘A Frame’ project was awarded the prestigious Smeaton Award by the Institute of Civil Engineers in 2016. One of the longest single span suspension bridges in the world the bridge is has been chosen to appear on many award shortlists since its initial construction in 1981.

Awards to date:

Smeaton Award – Institute of Civil Engineering

2015 Civic Trust Award


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