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Rolls Royce Lifting Frame

The design of this lift frame was carried out by M G Bennett and Associates Ltd. Whilst employed by Bennetts, James Hill was responsible for the original concept as well as the detailed design and manufacturing drawings.

The existing lifting frame that was used to move gas turbine engines around an area of the Rolls Royce maintenance facility meant that the operators had to attach lifting eyes in an awkward position at a considerable height. In order to improve operator safety, as well as to make the operation easier, Rolls Royce were looking for an improved lifting mechanism.

A concept for the lifting frame was developed using technology from the container handling industry that had four automated twistlock lifting points. These could be visually guided into lifting points on the gas turbine frame and then locked in position using controls next to the normal crane controls.

The concept design was accepted by Rolls Royce and detailed design and manufacturing drawings for the lifting frame were produced. In order to keep costs for the project low and to facilitate a simple design for the frame, actuators from the valve industry were used. These actuators had integrated control and sensing capabilities. This meant that the modifications to the crane controls were simplified and the frame was able to be implemented in a short period of time.

The new frames proved so successful, more are now being produced and will be installed in different areas of Rolls Royce.

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