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Apr 22012
Eadon Consulting are currently working with Tony Gee & Partners on the Dover Berth 3 life extending works for Dover Harbour Board. The aim of the project is to ensure that the Berth 3 roll-on roll-off (ro-ro) bridge can continue to provide reliable and safe service long into the future. Eadon's involvement includes the redesign of the mechanisms at the tips of the link span decks (fingers) which form… Read More...

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Feb 82011
Älvsborg Bridge, Sweden - View from the south tower. Image courtesy of The Spencer Group Following on from their recent success with Humber Bridge Gantries, Eadon Consulting have once again been employed as gantry designer by The Spencer Group to design gantries for the Älvsborgsbron in Gothenburg. At just 933m long, the Älvsborgsbron is on a different scale to the Humber Bridge but presents its… Read More...

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Apr 72010
The end of March saw the first of four gantries being installed and the commencement of the wrapping works for the Humber Bridge Main Cable Dehumidification Project. Eadon Consulting are responsible for the mechanical and structural design of the gantries working for the main contractor, The Spencer Group. The first gantry is being used to wrap and seal several low level sections of cable at mid span… Read More...

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Eadon Consulting has recently teamed up with The Spencer Group who have won a prestigious contract to install the dehumidification system to the main cables of the Humber Bridge. Eadon will be supplying the designs for the high level access gantries which are movable structures that form a working platform enabling the bulk of the dehumidification system work to be completed. This involves sealing… Read More...

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