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Eadon Consulting has recently teamed up with The Spencer Group who have won a prestigious contract to install the dehumidification system to the main cables of the Humber Bridge. Eadon will be supplying the designs for the high level access gantries which are movable structures that form a working platform enabling the bulk of the dehumidification system work to be completed. This involves sealing… Read More...

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Feb 42010
After being out of commission for approximately 4 months, the Bristol Dock Junction Lock Swing Bridge refurbishment project took a significant step forward last weekend. Operating the systems manual hydraulic controls, the bridge was successfully slewed across the lock in creep speed for the first time since last October. Eadon Consulting, working as sub-consultant for Atkins, designed the new mechanical… Read More...

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Sep 92009
The Spencer Group has recently taken delivery of the first of 14 aluminium access platforms for the Forth Road Bridge. The platforms were designed by Eadon Consulting in collaboration with The Spencer Group. The platforms were designed in aluminium to minimise weight making their handling on site during installation easier and safer.  The units are designed so that they can be either installed separately… Read More...

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