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Oct 22017
Out of Hours - MotoGP

As part of our ongoing series on what the Eadon team get up to out of hours David Price talks about his recent trip to the San Marino round of the MotoGP Championship:

Being a keen motorcyclist and a big fan of motor sport, every year I take a motorcycling road trip with my brother and friends to the continent to catch a round of the premier motorcycling event, the MotoGP. This year we decided to go to Misano in the Italian microstate of San Marino, which just happens to be the home town of MotoGP’s biggest star, Valentino Rossi.

The trip started for me in my home town of Sheffield from where a short journey led me to the Ferryport at the King George Dock in Hull. This is where I was to meet up with the rest of our party. Excited for the trip ahead I pulled up behind a line of bikers in the queue for passport control and took off my helmet. One of the best things about motorcycling is that wherever you are riding a bike in the world it’s like being in an enormous club. You can guarantee that other bikers will stop and talk to you, and you will always meet plenty of friendly likeminded people. Unfortunately on this particular day whilst chatting in the queue with a nice couple from Manchester, they dropped the bombshell news that Valentino had just broken his leg in a training accident. Gutted! To say that Rossi is the star of MotoGP doesn’t do him justice. For Valentino every championship round is like a home round for the number of fans he has worldwide, but his home GP and the passion of the Italian fans is something that has to be seen to be believed.

Map of route to MotoGP Once on the ferry I met up with the others and it felt like the holiday had begun. The overnight ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge is a great way to get to the continent from the Yorkshire region. As well as saving a dull ride of about 250 miles of English motorways, it allows you to start your holiday early with a high quality evening meal followed by a few drinks in the bar during the on-board entertainment.  In the morning you arrive feeling refreshed and fill up at breakfast on another superb spread, setting you up to begin the long journey ahead.

Apart from the initial ‘out of date satnav taking us the wrong way’ the first days journey went without a hitch. We travelled by motorway south from Zeebrugge, through Belgium, Luxembourg, the west of France, and in to Switzerland, stopping every 150 miles or so to fill up with fuel and stretch our aching limbs! We eventually pulled up for our final stop of the day near the beautiful city of Lucerne in the heart of Switzerland. Motorway miles can generally be quite dull however the Swiss roads are far from it. As well as the amazing feats of engineering bridging huge valleys and tunnelling through the sides of giant mountains, there are miles and miles of gorgeous mountainous scenery and lakes to wonder at.


 Dave and pal

Day 3 of the trip and we quickly reached the Gotthard Tunnel. 17km of bidirectional single carriageway tunnel through the Alps. Reaching 31°C while passing through the 80km/h route wasn’t the most fun part of the trip but interesting all the same. From here we headed towards Lake Como in Northern Italy before travelling almost in a straight line past Milan and Bologna, to San Marino and the small picturesque town on Riccione, just south of Rimini.

Bikes on the way to MotoGP

We reached the hotel at about 3pm and were quick to get out of the heavy biking gear and don some shorts and t-shirt more suitable for the mid 20 degrees temperatures we’d arrived in happy to have made the 900 mile journey safe and sound.

 Panoramic image of MotoGP stadium

The next three days we left the motorbikes in the hotel’s underground car park and despite the absence of our beloved Valentino, we enjoyed a brilliant weekend of laughs, sun, Italian cuisine, beer, and of course MotoGP.

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