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Stainless Steel Design

Stainless steel is used widely throughout everyday life and has been used for ancillary products and components in the building industry for a number of years.

A wide range of alloys fall under the name "stainless steel" and their varying properties mean that they are suitable for use across a number of different industries. The resistance of stainless steel to corrosion, its strength, high flexibility and variety of finishing options mean that it is now being used on a much larger scale than ever before.

When connecting differing stainless steels, as with all metals, it is important to consider the anodic index of connected dissimilar metals to prevent galvanic corrosion. At Eadon Consulting we have experience in design and analysis using a range of stainless steels, such as 316, 431S29, Duplex, UNS 31803 and 17/4PH, for use in a variety of different structural and mechanical applications, such as offshore structures, wear plates, structural bearings and pins.

Design of structural stainless steels is generally carried out in accordance with EN 1993-1-4 and EN 1993-1-8. With reference made to the appropriate National Annex and other relevant parts of EN 1993 for the country for which the item is being designed. Designing for offshore applications Eadon Consulting also have experience of using Lloyd's Register – Code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment (CLAME) and DNV Standard No. 2.22 Lifting Appliances.

For more information regarding our structural and mechanical design or analysis services, or to discuss your stainless steel requirements, please telephone 0114 399 0400 or email us.

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