Engineering Design Consultants

Site Inspections

Independent site inspections are regularly required to assess the condition of a piece of plant or equipment which may be in a poor condition due to nearing the end of its design life or due to lack of maintenance. Increasingly clients are required to have annual independent inspections to certify equipment for insurance purposes.

Our specialist knowledge in the fields of moving structures (bridges, cranes, gantries etc), bespoke machinery, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic design means that Eadon can evaluate the complete mechanical system rather than just certain elements. We are able to attend site at short notice in the case of urgent assessment to evaluate faulty or broken down equipment or on a planned basis to assess or monitor the condition of plant on site. Following the site inspection Eadon can provide a detailed report on the condition of the equipment and recommendations if necessary for repair or for bringing it in to line with current standards.

Eadon are experienced in refurbishment projects where the useful life of an old piece of equipment or plant is extended by retrofitting modern operating equipment or carrying out localised repairs. This often involves strengthening the existing mountings or structure to cater for higher, more onerous load cases which may be placed upon it but for which it wasn't originally designed.

Refurbished plant and machinery often falls under the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC after modification even if it was manufactured prior to the introduction of the directive in 1998. Eadon have staff qualified to assess installations, plant and systems in terms of the Essential Health and Safety Requirements of the directive, and provide assistance in compiling the required technical file, and issue the EC Declaration of Conformity Certificate.

For more information regarding our site inspection service, or to discuss a refurbishment project, please telephone 0114 399 0400 or email us.

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