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I joined Eadon Consulting five years ago, and have enjoyed seeing it grow from small beginnings.  Even though the company is bigger, with more people and an ever expanding variety of work, it’s still retained the feeling of working in a close-knit team, and it’s still possible to know about all the projects we have going on.

 As an engineer, my time is split between technical work and managing projects.  The technical side of my role has a good balance between design work and analysis.  While some specialist knowledge is very useful, most of our work falls outside the ‘standard solutions’, so the main attribute required is a sound understanding of engineering fundamentals so you can make sense of a problem and employ the right tools to solve it.  This makes the job extremely rewarding!  In addition to preparing designs and calculations myself, much of my role consists of supervising other engineers and draughtsmen working on my projects and interacting with the client.

 One of the things I like about Eadon is that the structure is project driven: typically I might be leading one or two projects, while working on the team for two or three others led by my colleagues.  This means that over time you work alongside everyone else in the company, and also gives great development opportunities on different sizes of project.  As a result, there is a great sense of teamwork.

 For me, the other main feature of working at Eadon is the diversity of fascinating work we are involved with.  Every job teaches you something new, which may come in useful on a later job in a completely different industry.  My highlights include the design of the Leadenhall Hatch and Grimsby Pontoon Booms, and running a large project to substantiate a pair of high integrity nuclear cranes.



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