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I started my career at Eadon Consulting two years ago as Graduate Engineer. I graduated in Civil and Structural Engineering at the University of Parma (Italy) and after six months of work on design and verification of structures in seismic areas I moved to the UK. I have always dreamt about a job like mine. Since starting I have been involved in great projects, such as the design of a new swing bridge in Inverness. Seeing your ideas becoming reality is the most exciting reward for an engineer. I have also started producing quotations and leading some projects.

To me working at Eadon means working on exciting and challenging projects every day. The chance to work in different sectors, from movable bridges to the nuclear cranes, means I am gaining experience in many sectors and therefore increasing my capability and flexibility.

Everyone is involved in all the different aspects of the company including for example the business development.  This gives me the chance to expand my knowledge, and helps me move nearer  towards the chartered status  I am striving for. Feeling supported by a great team allows me the possibility to grow both personally and professionally . 

Eadon is made up of a winning team of engineers with different backgrounds who are able to work together in the most effective way. This allows us to deliver  a great variety of projects  to close timescales and bespoke criteria.

The flexibility that Eadon offers allows me to enjoy my job and at the same time to have spare time for sports and hobbies.



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